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Elevate your projects with premium-quality pavers, retaining walls, CMUs, and other concrete products meticulously crafted by Gagne & Son in both dry cast and wet cast plants.

Sarisand Tile prides itself on being the leader in tile design and distribution in Central Virginia. They carry brands from over 100 tile manufacturers as well as plumbing fixtures and vanities. This translates to myriad choices for you in every material, color, style and price range. "If you can imagine it, we can help your vision become a reality."

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"Our brick originates from local clay of deposits created by the receding glaciers of the last Ice Age. Sensitively mined in the Androscoggin Watershed for over a hundred years, we form the brick according to the same authentic 17th Century wet mold waterstruck brick process that produced many of North America’s oldest brick buildings."

"Chippewa Stone LLC is a leading supplier of architectural grade granite materials, including Natural Stone Veneer and Landscaping Granite. Our stone veneers are preferred by homeowners, designers, architects and stonemasons due to their exquisite beauty and unparalleled durability. We have a rich selection of colors, cuts and textures to choose from that will look exquisite in or on any residential or commercial project, interior or exterior, yard or garden."

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