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Hook Boards

The backer board is the first step in the installation process and serves as the surface onto which the cladding products will be laid. Choosing the right board is crucial and depends on the specific application and environment. Please take a moment to review our board types and learn how to incorporate them into your projects.


Hydroblok boards are light, rigid and great for a wet environment. With its original purpose being for showers it's versatility is a popular choice. We sell Hydroblok boards in 1/4" as well as the standard 1/2" thickness, 2" is available by special order. The boards R value is 2.2 per 1/2" For more information on Hydroblok boards please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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3/4" Plywood

A thicker board like our 3/4" hook applied plywood is a good option if your project allows for the thickness.  

Capability, Hook-Ready 3/4 Inch Board, 3/4 Inch Panel for Versatile Hanging, 3/4 Inch Board for Display, 3/4 Inch Board with Mounting Options, Hook-Ready 3/4 Inch Panel, 3/4 Inch Board for Organizing, 3/4 Inch Board for Storage, 3/4 Inch Panel for DIY Projects, 3/4 Inch Board for Creative Solutions, 3/4 Inch Board for Home Improvement, 3/4 Inch Panel for Craft Projects, 3/4 Inch Board for Wall-Mounted Storage, 3/4 Inch Panel for Hanging Accessories, 3/4 Inch Board for Displaying Artwork.

Zip Board

Zip board is an excellent solution for exterior use. It's well trusted throughout its industry and all around a great option for any project with Millennium Slate.

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Luan plywood

Our 1/4" wood solution is the best choice if you are limited on thickness.

Luan Hook Board, Luan Board with Hook, Luan Panel with Hook, Hook-Compatible Luan Board, Velcro-Compatible Luan Board, Luan Panel for Hooks, Luan Board for Hanging, Luan Board with Attachment Capability, Hook-Ready Luan Board, Luan Panel for Versatile Hanging, Luan Board for Display, Luan Board with Mounting Options, Hook-Ready Luan Panel, Luan Board for Organizing, Luan Board for Storage, Luan Panel for DIY Projects, Luan Board for Creative Solutions, Luan Board for Home Improvement, Luan Panel for Craft Projects, Luan Board for Wall-Mounted Storage, Luan Panel for Hanging Accessories, Luan Board for Displaying Artwork.
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